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Introducing the Fidget-T: The popit-powered sensory clothing sensation

Say goodbye to the nightmare of rough, itchy seams and labels. Meet the world’s first T-shirt with built in hidden Popits, designed by Max, a young Neurodivergent inventor.

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A close up of an autistic boy's hands playing with the hidden popit feature in the hem of the Fidget-t. 3 popits can be seen, with 2 being pressed and 1 in the middle unpressed.
A young autistic boy with Ginger hair stands facing away from the camera, wearing a dark blue Fidget-t t-shirt
A young neurodivergent boy with brown hair smiles at the camera. he is wearing a dark blue fidget-t t-shirt that is slightly too big for him.
An autistic boy stands with hands on hips, wearing a dark blue, sensory friendly T-shirt that has popit fidgets sewn into the hem called the Fidget-T.

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Calmness Created Differently

A drawing of a hat and sunglasses to represent the hidden popits of the fidget-T

Built-in Fidgets

2 Hidden Popit fidgets discreetly integrated into the bottom hem for self-regulation on-the-go.

A pair of scissors cutting along some fabric, to represent the encased seams nature of the Fidget-T

Encased Seams

Inspired by high-end silk clothing, shielding you from sensory irritation with an extra layer of fabric.

A drawing of a hand holding a feather, representing the softness of the fabric of the fidget-t

Special Fabric

Our specially curated fabric, handpicked by Max, blends Modal & Elastane, ensuring a comforting, super-soft sensory clothing experience.

A drawing of two items unpeeling from each other, like a zip, to represent the removeable label element of the Fidget-T

No Attached Labels

A removable label on the outside, guaranteeing a label-free experience, with no discomfort or sensory overload

Ready to experience how the Fidget-T can make a difference in your daily life?

A simple drawing of a fabric swatch, representing the soft fabric of the Fidget-T

Order your free fabric sample

We know from first-hand experience how frustrating it can be to buy a product such as sensory clothing, only to find it’s made of harsh, irritating fabric and never gets worn. So we want to offer you the option to order a free sample of the fabric the Fidget-T is made from, to ensure it’s right for you and your family before purchasing.

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A close up of the sleeves and top of the body of a young autistic boy, wearing a dark blue Fidget-T T-shirt. the sleeves can be seen to have rolled back cuffs on them, to protect the wearer from any seams.

About us

Comfa is a family run business, the brainchild of Max, a young Neurodivergent inventor. Max is Autistic and ADHD, and has always found suitable clothing incredibly difficult to find. With the help of his parents and younger brothers, he founded Comfa with the express aim of helping others who feel like he did. His goal is to find new and unique ways to overcome the sensory challenges of every day life by creating his own brand of sensory clothing

Max aims for the Fidget-T to be the first in a whole range of clothing aimed at helping both Neurodivergent and Neurotypical people, regardless of age, be comfortable, calm and confident no matter what situation they find themselves in.

A family of 2 parents and 2 young children smile at the camera. the children are wearing sensory friendly Fidget-T clothing, and the parents are dressed smartly

See what people say

“My son was excited to try this new style of t-shirt and he absolutely loved it. He loved how soft the fabric was, he couldn’t feel the seams against his skin, or any labels. Most of all he loved the popits, he found them straight away and was just fiddling with them the whole time.”

A woman with red hair sits in a patch of flowers, playing guitar whilst looking away from the camera Ellie Foster

“Clothing can be a daily battle. My son loves the Fidget-t, he complimented the softness, loved no labels and was so happy to have the pop it built in. A big thumbs up from our household 🙌”

IMG_2055 Samantha Tilley

“I have just received my son’s blue t shirt through and its fab!”

Claire Singleton

The fidget t-shirt is everything it was promised it would be. It came beautifully packaged and has been worth waiting for. The fabric is soft and stretchy, really good quality. The fit is good – the 16+ is nicely baggy on my 10 year old (just how he likes it) and will fit him for ages. He’s been popping the poppits without even realising, helping regulation and concentration without making a big thing of it. Thank you Max & co at Comfa. We will definitely be ordering more. To have TRULY sensory friendly clothing is wonderful. 👍

IMG_2081 Anna Lyons

Got ours this week. My 14 year old is loving it. Amazingly soft fabric, he noted that there is no label and loves it.

IMG_3886 Ollie Rhodes

I have finally received my daughter’s ones and they are so worth the wait amazing and the material is super soft ..Thank you

IMG_3887 Hazel Fenton Weightman

I received mine today and my son loves it! Thankyou so much for making it that little bit easier for my child 🫶🏼

Screenshot Tammi Marie Smith

It was a long wait but so worth it. Alistair loves his shirt and the fidgits are a great idea. Thank you Max xx

Iona Butler

Just came home from holiday to the delivery. My daughter absolutely loves the t shirt. The first thing she asked is could you make one for school! A polo shirt would be amazing! 

Keri Mcmanus

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Max for this idea, my little boy has dyspraxia and spd, this will be a god send (for both of us because he plays with my hair when he’s anxious!) If you ever did do a school style polo shirt, velcro instead of buttons would make it extra suitable for those who have motor skills challenges….

Victoria Julian

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. These T shirts are amazing. As soon as my boys put them on they were in love. Soft, breathable, so stretchy. Not to mention the awesome popit. I am truly grateful.

esther Esther Mckenna

received my order today and I’m happy crying. My fussy neurodiverse 13 Yr old is giggling and happy stimming from trying on her t shirt. She says it’s the best piece of clothing she’s ever owned. Suffice to say I’ll be ordering more. Completely worth the wait – thank you team and Max.

emma black Emma Black

Bought for neices birthday she absolutely loved this tshirt . Such a unique design helped keep her busy when we were out for dinner playing with her fidget 👌customer care is outstanding would definatley buy again

Lesley Williams

Great communication, and very well designed product. Hopefully they will develop a larger range in the future, socks are a big trigger for our son.

Dave Ryan

Absolutely love these tee shirts. My Son is autistic and struggles with certain materials and labels, the material is lovely and soft and stretchy, its great that there are no labels to cut out they wash really well without losing shape, was dubious at first with the price but I genuinely think they are worth the price tag, having the built in fidget poppers is an added bonus. I’ve now even ordered me some. Can’t wait for the future and to see what else they make. It’s even better knowing that this lad that came up with the idea is a young autistic lad and he is showing that autism is an ability more than a disability and with the right parental support can achieve anything. So if you want a tee-shirt that feels divine, washes well and helps assist with sensory needs along with helping with anxiety by having the fidget poppers built in then try these as I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Maz Watkiss

Worth waiting for, I bought the blue T-shirt for my grandson was one of his birthday presents. As soon as he saw the T-shirt he wanted to wear it straight away, he could not stop touching he loved the feel of the material and the fidgets in the hem. Well done Max fantastic can’t wait to see more of similar T-shirts.


Brilliant!! Thank you Max!! My son, who is on his journey to getting an autism diagnosis absolutely loves his t-shirt, he says “It’s sooooo comfy and feels so nice and my fidgets are inside so I don’t have to carry them, genius”!! It was a huge hit when he wore it to go to the supermarket!! We are hopeful to get more in some different colours – keep up the great work!!

Hannah Brooksbank

Really wonderful product and my kids love it! I need to buy some more as it’s the only t-shirt they want to wear now. Very very soft material, overstitched seams inside and no labels for extra comfort. And the fidget panels are discreet and really satisfying to play with. I’m so happy to be able to support this startup company. It’s a brilliant idea. And hopefully life changing for my son who currently has a full body stim and is trying surpress it at high school all day.

Alexandra Hamilton

Wow is the best word to describe our experience from start to finish. We came across the Kickstarter on Facebook and loved Max’s story and all the regular updates that were provided. Our autistic son hates labels in his clothes, itchy clothing and the built in fidget seemed like a really unique idea. We received our tshirt last week. Beautifully packaged and the tshirt is just amazing. The fabric is super soft, has washed really well. The fidgets are just enough to know they are there but not be visible or annoying. We really hope there will be a white one for school, and I really hope there will be adult versions! Well done to Max and family for creating this wonderful tshirt. Best of luck going forward.

Lisa Brooks

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