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Tshirt was really nice. Material was really soft and comfortable. It was soft but not to soft, stretchy and not confining at all. I so love the idea to have the popit built in so it never gets lost and is always there when needed. And i love that someone is thinking about how to help people who find clothes mostly stressful and unpleasant!

A woman smiles at the camera while smiling Leanne Burkin

My son was excited to try this new style of t-shirt and he absolutely loved it. He loved how soft the fabric was, he couldn’t feel the seams against his skin, or any labels. Most of all he loved the popits, he found them straight away and was just fiddling with them the whole time.

A woman with red hair sits in a patch of flowers, playing guitar whilst looking away from the camera Ellie Foster

Clothing can be a daily battle. My son loves the Fidget-t, he complimented the softness, loved no labels and was so happy to have the pop it built in. A big thumbs up from our household 🙌

IMG_2055 Samantha Tilley

I have just received my son’s blue t shirt through and its fab!

Claire Singleton

The fidget t-shirt is everything it was promised it would be. It came beautifully packaged and has been worth waiting for. The fabric is soft and stretchy, really good quality. The fit is good – the 16+ is nicely baggy on my 10 year old (just how he likes it) and will fit him for ages. He’s been popping the poppits without even realising, helping regulation and concentration without making a big thing of it. Thank you Max & co at Comfa. We will definitely be ordering more. To have TRULY sensory friendly clothing is wonderful. 👍

IMG_2081 Anna Lyons

My son has struggled with all clothes except pyjamas since ASD burnout hit. His new Figit-T feels “SO comfortable” and the hidden poppits are so regulating. He loves it and we will definitely be buying more. Felix thinks you are awesome Max!

IMG_2083 Becky Boge

About us

Comfa is a family run business, the brainchild of Max, a young Neurodivergent inventor. Max is Autistic and ADHD, and has always found suitable clothing incredibly difficult to find. With the help of his parents and younger brothers, he founded Comfa with the express aim of helping others who feel like he did. His goal is to find new and unique ways to overcome the sensory challenges of every day life.

Max aims for the Fidget-T to be the first in a whole range of clothing aimed at helping both Neurodivergent and Neurotypical people, regardless of age, be comfortable, calm and confident no matter what situation they find themselves in.

A family of 2 parents and 2 young children smile at the camera. the children are wearing sensory friendly Fidget-T clothing, and the parents are dressed smartly

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