Patent Number- GB2617627

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Calmness created differently

A pair of scissors cutting along some fabric, to represent the encased seams nature of the Fidget-T

Encased seams

Experience the luxury of our encased seams, inspired by high-class silk jackets, now shielding irritations with a comforting extra fabric layer.

A drawing of a hat and sunglasses to represent the hidden popits of the fidget-T

Fashionable design

Max values both style and comfort, making Fidget-T a source of pride in its fashionability and sensory-friendliness.

A drawing of a hand holding a feather, representing the softness of the fabric of the fidget-t

Super soft fabric

Max’s personally curated fabric blends Micromodal and Elastine, ensuring skin-friendly softness and sustainability.

A drawing of two items unpeeling from each other, like a zip, to represent the removeable label element of the Fidget-T

Removable Labels

We use removable labels on the outside of the clothes that can be taken off and kept safe for future reference.

About us

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